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Quikflip Patents

Hero Hoodie, LLC dba Quikflip® has received patents for Quikflip® product(s) in the United States and international territories. These patents protect Hero Hoodie, LLC's inventions and the extensive resources Hero Hoodie, LLC has devoted and continues to devote to innovation, research, development and design. In accordance with 35 USC 287(a), Hero Hoodie, LLC provides notice that Quikflip® products are protected by the associated patents. The list of patents is not all-inclusive. Quikflip® products may be protected by one or more additional utility and design patents and pending patents.

United States: D855942
Europe: 006312369-0001
China: ZL 2019 3 0106095.9
South Korea: 30-1026735
Australia: 2017400373
Russia: 2018137427, 2018504638
Brazil: BR302019001486-6
South Africa: A2019/00436, F2019/00435

Additional patents pending in the United States and international territories.

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